Which is which?

When receiving a gift, do you have that kind of standard? Should it worth a price of gold? Or be wrapped in a big box covered with colourful wrappers with a ribbon on it? For you, what is the greatest gift you want to have?

When you read the word gift, what is the first thing that comes from your mind? Isn’t it about the material things you want to receive? Latest gadgets, fashion clothes, new shoes, well known brands of jewelleries and such. We often wish that those things would be beautiful and sometimes expensive. But let’s sort it out again. What are we actually receiving? Is it the gift itself? Or the price tag attached to it?

Sometimes we received gifts and instead of being grateful we even have the guts to complain and feel disappointed. Maybe because it’s not what we wanted or expected in the first place. But what about the people who’ve put a lot of effort in it? What do you think would they feel? How are they going to react on it?

Remember that a gift should always be given and received with sincerity. You don’t give presents just because you have to- it’s because you want to. Giving gifts which didn’t come from your heart cannot be considered as a gift at all. So if you will receive something, even if it’s big or small, accept it with a grateful heart.

Consider yourself lucky enough to be receiving those kind of things that others didn’t experience at all. Some are actually wishing that someday they would accept something given by others.

And do not forget that sometimes, the greatest gifts are not covered with colourful wrappers but instead covered with love and sincerity. A gift where although time passes by would never be forgotten. A gift where no value can replace. And a gift that would never vanish. They even say that sometimes the small ones are the hardest thing to lose.

Don’t wait for the time that those who gives you will get tired and stop them from wanting to. Appreciate all the things you have before it will turn to what you had. Not all people can have the things they want and maybe it’s the best for them. Maybe what they’re giving you now is what you actually needed someday.

It’s not the matter of how big your gift is. It’s the meaning behind it that counts. So now, let me ask you again. What is the greatest gift you’ve ever received in your life?


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