When the clock ends

If I am going to ask “what is time for you ? ” , what would you say?

You know that time is constantly moving. It is one of those things that can’t be stop by someone or anything. Every seconds, minutes, hours, days , months and years can be considered as time.

Maybe some of you would think ” yeah .. I know it … and so what? ” but my point here is what is time for you? A meaning where you and yourself would really know.

Perhaps for some they would say that “time is time – nothing more, nothing less”. A meaning where time would always be time and that it can never be change . Well, it makes sense right ?

For some of you, it’s just a matter of how long ,like days from years, believing that every morning you would wake up without facing troubles throughout the day. You live not knowing that everything can change in just a split of second.

But what if those long days without you changing a thing would come to an end? Years slowly becoming months into days . A moment where in a snap of time everything can change.

Maybe when the time comes, some of you will regret it. Questions like ” Why didn’t I made used of my time wisely ” would start running in your mind. In that kind of situation, you would understand the deeper meaning of time.

Time is simply making of your every seconds worth it. Living a life that when the time ends, you sure wouldn’t regret the things you have done. No more things to be sorry about. Just being contented that at least you made used of your time well.

You know what’s the beauty of time? It’s simple. It teaches you to make your life the best that you can be. Every second would be precious just like years. It would make you understand that what’s important is today, not yesterday nor tomorrow.

And if there is one thing that is impossible about time, it is that it can’t go back. So make sure to use your time wisely. Nobody knows when will their time ends so if the clock is still moving use it wisely for you not to regret a single second of your life in the end.



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