Key to Success

One word that could define different things for many people. A word that everyone would want to achieve. A word that means everything to some people. For you, what kind of success do you want to receive?

In defining success, we all have different perspectives and opinions about it right? Even I nor anyone cannot dictate that success for you should be like this and like that. The only person that can answer that is you. But most importantly, you should know what is success in your life.

For some, being wealthy like owning big houses and cars are their standard for being successful in life. Having the ability to buy all they wanted and living in a life where financial problems are not present. While for some, maybe living happily with their own families can be their success in life. Being strong together even though many problems have tested their relationship is also one.

Well for other people who lives without popularity and wealth they still think that they can be successful as with those people who have money and all. For them, doing what is right and helping other who are in need can already be counted as a successful life. They believe that living a life while doing right things toward their neighbours are good enough.

Isn’t it more meaningful to have a successful life-like that? Success that makes you happy and contented  in life and success where you can bring in the afterlife.

For you, what is success?


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