Reasons why…

Problems come in different ways. Nobody knows when will it happen nor when will it stop. The only thing that a person, like us, can do is to learn how to face it and try to solve it on our own.

I know that probably most of you are experiencing or had experienced problems before. Well, everyone does, isn’t it? All of us are not exempted and we must learn how to stand up and fight back.

But it’s not new to us anymore that sometimes in our lives, we question him “Of all people why me?” “Why do I have to face all these?” We start to ask and then question that turns into a complain.

We start to rebel against him saying his unfair and he’d forgotten about us. Pain starts to conquer our hearts that can soon turn into hate. We believed that he turns his back, closes his ears and walk away leaving us alone once again.

Ask yourself for the second time, “Why do I have to experience all those things?”, “Why did you leave me alone again?” ,” Why did I hate you? “, “Why didn’t you listen to me?” Try to ask him again and again but this time ask through your heart.

Right then he will answer “I’ve let you experienced problems on your own for you to face the world and the problems it will throw to you in the future. You must learn how to stand up for every fall down that the world will make. I didn’t leave you but instead I’ve waited hoping that someday you’ll arrive and come to me with a great smile. I’ve waited and I’m still waiting because I believe in you. I’ve never closed my ears. I’ve listened to your complains and still I’m listening. I prayed that the moment you’ll see me again will be something new from who you were before.

Everything happens for a reason. We may be facing a lot of problems now but in some time, these things would turn into lessons in our life. Remember that we wouldn’t learn how to stand up if we wouldn’t stumble down. Don’t mind those wounds because as time passes by it will turn to a memory of how you build your own self and will show how brave enough you are for passing your own test.


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