World full of regrets

The world is full of what ifs. Things that have been waiting to be realized. People that keeps on wondering whether they have done the right thing . Regrets that we, sometimes have experienced. Simple things and yet we feel regretful. But why do we have to feel those things? A feeling that slowly creeps and will never be changed?

 In our lives, there are things that we keep on doing without us realizing it. A part of this is making decisions in life. We may not be aware but believe it or not even the simplest things sometimes needs a decision-making. A decision where we have to clear out our minds in order to think clearly.

They say that a well thought out decision makes the best result out of all. Elders often say that when choosing decisions, we have to think of it for a hundred times before we go with what we have picked or decided. We have to choose with what’s the best and set aside what is not.

But sometimes, even the best decisions won’t work as planned. There are things that can be considered the best for other people but not on some. But what matters most is that you know that you did a great job and you picked the right decision.

We feel regret maybe because we know that we have chosen the wrong one or maybe because we doubt our own choice. Maybe for some reasons we feel disappointed and would start to blame ourselves for not choosing the right  one.

However, we shouldn’t feel down. Everyone commits mistakes and one of it is making the wrong decision. Let it serve as a lesson for us so that next time we won’t make the same mistakes again.

Don’t feel upset for a mistake you’ve once done. Learn from it and make it as your lesson in life to be more better  and not to repeat the same history again and again.


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